Số 18, đường Ung Văn Khiêm, P. Đông Xuyên, TP Long Xuyên, tỉnh An Giang
Phan Phuong Loan

Study on current status of Tilapia farming in earthen ponds in An Giang province

Tóm tắt

A study was carried out through interviewing households who were farming tilapia in earthen ponds of An Giang province based on a prepared checklist to evaluate current status of techniques, product consumption methods, etc., and to propose improved techniques oriented to produce materials for export. Study results showed that tilapia farming households have not been trained and know-hows of the farming were obtained through self-experience and learning from neighbors. The tilapia farming system was a polyculture practice. Most of the households bought tilapia seed from hatcheries which its quality was not guaranteed. Instead of using commercial feed, the households mainly used home-made one which led to low efficiency. The farming was almost small-scale without contracts of consumption with enterprises so the harvested fish was supplied mainly to domestic markets with low selling prices. There was a requirement of financial policy to give support to the households who had the needs of increasing investment of their production and shifting to higher intensification. Speeding up technique transfer to the tilapia farming households to upgrade their know-hows and increase production efficiency was also necessary.

Từ khóa: tilapia, farming in earthen ponds, An Giang

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