Số 18, đường Ung Văn Khiêm, P. Đông Xuyên, TP Long Xuyên, tỉnh An Giang
Bui Thi Thien Kim

Analysis of transient heat conduction in pyinkado (xylia xylocarpa) using finite-element solutions

Tóm tắt

This paper describes one-dimensional, transient heat conduction in a rectangular piece of Pyinkado (Xylia xylocarpa) with crossgrain, and in an orthotropic wooden cylinder. Computerized solutions of a generalized, nonlinear heat equation are derived by discretizing the the time domains, using finite element techniques. A simplified example of linear heat conduction in cylindrical coordinates illustrates how to apply the finite element solutions. The accuracy of the solutions for this special case is evaluated via comparing them with a well-known exact solution. Using finite element method to determine transient distribution of temperature on wood materials which is one of the effective solution to determine the temperature distribution on wood, calculate capacity of force, these is change in characterristic, property..the effect of heat on wood materials. Result of  problem which is of great significance to the efficiency of the fire for furniture using home decoration, concurrently which is basic for  treat technology solution fire resistant for wood.

Từ khóa: finite element method, distribution of temperature on wood

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